TC 6.2

TomCat 6.2 puts the fun back into sailing - fast and exciting when the wind is up, relaxing and enjoyable in a breeze. While easy to single hand, TomCat 6.2 can also take six or eight family or friends for a sail. The single high aspect ratio foil centerboard gives excellent upwind performance, and combined with rockered hulls, easy tacking at any wind speed. Twin interconnected rudders provide dual tiller helm positions for sailing, with an optional wheel helm steering both motor and rudders for motoring comfort and control. All boards rotate up for shallow draft and beachability. The rig is typical beach cat, with rotating mast and fully battened mainsail. Jibs are roller furling and lazy jacks for the mainsail are standard, so all sail handling is easily done from the cockpit. Keep TomCat 6.2 on a mooring, at a slip, or dry sail from a trailer.

TomCat 6.2 provides all of the features of a modern multihull. Foam core, fiberglass skin sandwich construction is light and strong, and provides the flotation for an unsinkable structure throughout. Sailing is flat, with very little heel at any speed, and an easy motion in waves for comfort. Hulls are enclosed, and the bridgedeck is self draining.


The custom TomCat 6.2 trailer includes all of the mechanisms required to assemble or disassemble the boat for highway travel. Twin hull racks roll out on extension bars and rotate upright, with the bunks now providing side to side positioning. Use the winch to lower the bridgedeck into the hulls, fasten the bolts, and you are ready to raise the rig and go sailing. The level bridgedeck means that the motor, batteries and gas tank can remain in place during trailering. Access to the hull hatches on the trailer provides more than enough storage for all other boat components.


TomCat 6.2 is available custom equipped for your needs and preferences, from an open knockabout sailing, swimming, fishing platform to a full sport cruising configuration. Give us a call or e-mail usto discuss your requirements.